Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Time already!

My youngest is now into at least buying Valentine's, pretty sure that is because she loves Paw Patrol and saw them and had to have them. My middle daughter and I are going to make hers with those mazes from Target and the oldest, well I am sure she will ask to get her five closest friends some sort of candy to give them at school.

Me, well to be honest, Valentine's day is just not my favorite holiday. I would hope that my husband would show me he loves me each day by doing little things to let me know. You know, things like take care of the dishes, or put his clothes away. Or maybe helping the oldest with her math. Now don't get me wrong on that one, I took calculus in high school, doesn't mean that I like it. Give me Government, Science, English and Geography and I am super happy. When we first started dating like 21 years ago, I loved getting the roses and little things, especially because we were still in high school. I guess a…


After a tough couple of weeks, I took a step back last night to do a mental check up. That was one of my goals for 2018, to take better care of myself. It hasn't felt like I was following that very well and I needed that time to take a good inventory on where things are at.

As middle school basketball season is about to wind down (one game left next week), we are looking for soccer to start back up. I know that both the older two are so excited and ready for their team to pick back up and keep striving for 1st place. I will be going from dropping the oldest off at 6:45 am to her riding the bus to and from school and then leaving for soccer practice twice a week getting home at 8 pm. No more games on the weekdays, but Saturday's becoming soccer Saturday again. We will see what track adds to our schedule as she doesn't want to be offseason for some reason in Athletics. I think she just enjoys being active in a sport, kind of like her mom was at that age.

Back to balance. I h…

Family Date Night

When we first moved to Texas, we implemented a family pizza and movie night every Friday. It was something that we hadn't really been able to do when we lived in Minnesota because of how my husband's work schedule was. With the new "normal" schedule, it allowed us the ability to find a new way to enjoy being together as a family. As we got busier with sports, those nights got fewer and far between. Also, the difference in movie selections made it tough as well because two or three would want one movie and the others wouldn't. Or I wouldn't is a better way to describe that. Over the years, I got really picky about what I watch. There is always so many other things to do, I can't clear my mind enough to sit for a movie. Plus they have gotten into movies, that I just don't want to see. Not that they aren't great movies, just not something I want. In those times, they would wait for me to be out with friends or on a Mom's Night Out and then watch …

Workout options

With a new week and the older girls back at school, there is time to sit down and type up some options that I found to work out at home. These are simple suggestions to help make you move a little. Now, as everyone always says, I am NOT a doctor so before starting a fitness routine make sure that you talk to your doctor to make sure that you are able to. In all honesty though, these are seriously simple suggestions that shouldn't put much strain on your body, but with repetition and the option to always add weights they should help tone some muscles. 

A good option to get your morning moving. I would have to wait until the girls are at school and the younger one is enjoying some Daniel Tiger before starting this, but I like the variations. 

A no excuse workout. Seriously, you have 4 minutes to do this one. Get in as many repetitions as you can and remember those will grow as you get better and faster at each move. 

Looking for a boot camp type of workout. Give this one a go. Adde…

Creating a support group

After a lot of talk with a good friend last night, we have hatched a plan to create a support group. This isn't just a group to keep you accountable with your weight loss goals, but for your total health. During our texts, we both realized that as busy moms, we tend to always put ourselves last. Between running the kids to school, making breakfast/lunch/dinner, working, house chores, taking kids to practice regardless if it is sports or instrument, or watching school sponsored activities, we are not giving ourselves time to recharge or take care of who we are. We get lost in the everyday business that by the time we have an hour of "free time" we just sit and enjoy that time.

For those that know me, know that I have three girls. They are everything to me and I will do whatever I need to for them. One is in 7th grade and is very active in soccer and school sports. Girl #2 is in 3rd grade and is in soccer and #3 is 3, need I say more?! I also work very part time as a Virtu…

Christmas 2017

Yeah, yeah, I know. Not a single post in a while and then a bunch at once. I am finally taking the time to sit down and work out the blogs a little and then I will be diving back into my December Daily to get caught up with pictures so I can get the rest ordered while Persnickety Prints has their sale. I am currently stuck on Beaumont weekend Tournament because I have way too many pictures. Not looking forward to the next weekend when the girls took 2nd place in the State D2 finals (so proud of these girls and yes blog posts for both weekend will be forthcoming, I hope!).

We celebrated Christmas Mass on Christmas Eve. It has become our favorite service to attend. 4pm is the Children's service and I just love listening to Father James during this service. We actually got scolded during Gloria, as the Children's choir was singing and the congregation seemed to listen more than sing themselves, so he had us all sing the chorus again. Such a beautiful sound to hear so many voices …

2018 Word of the Year

I have been thinking about this word for the past couple of weeks. I wanted to pick a word that had some meaning behind it, or at least that I could put behind it. 2017, was a challenging year. There were so many amazing things to happen over the year, but a lot of challenges, many that I didn't share here, on Facebook or really anywhere in some cases. However, during the last few weeks I used those challenges to help me push forward to 2018.

My word this year is:

There are so many reasons for this word. But I found that I want to be more mindful when it comes to my friends, my family, those around me and well life in general. 

I really liked the quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn. It speaks a lot of my thoughts. I want to pay more attention and be non-judgmental. I want to give others my attention and not half-attention because I have a million things going on in my mind. Mostly, I want to surround myself with those that make me feel happy and that I can return the favor. I am going to gi…