Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 of 2013

So trying to figure out the top 13 things for this year hasn't been easy, it really took some time to sit down and just think about the good, the bad and the crazy.

1. Going to Michigan in July for a short vacation that was right between both soccer ending and soccer tryouts for C.
2. While in Michigan having a mini 15 year reunion with 44 of our closest friends, their spouses and kids at hubby’s parent’s house. Pretty sure the next one will be adults only 
3. CJ turned 4 (my baby isn’t a baby anymore!)
4. C turned 9 (how is this happening so quickly?!)
5. We celebrated 13 years of marriage
6. Lost the matriarch of the P family, when Oma passed away in her sleep in March.
7. Both girls love soccer and played both spring and fall.
8. C made the Maroon U9 traveling team.
9. C broke her arm in gym class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
10. C joined the 3rd grade choir and loves singing.
11. CJ doesn't like to be outdone with anything, especially by big sister so copies everything she does. Yes this annoys C to no end.
12. C received First Communion in April. (So very proud!)
13. I am in my 3rd year teaching 1st grade Faith Formation.

So many other things happened this year and all keep us just as busy. 2013 was a big year for C and I am sure CJ will one next year.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gift Giving and the Holidays

So that time of year is coming quickly upon us. Now don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday and it isn't the presents. Being a December baby you grow to love the month, being close to Christmas you grow to appreciate that you may have a party at school on your birthday since they are so close, but Christmas holds a special magic to me. It hasn't always so I don't know if that is because I have kids and I get to witness the light in their eyes or if I am now old enough to really appreciate all that it truly is.

Hubby and I don't come from big families (we each have just one brother) so gifts aren't a huge buying experience. There are 10 total (including us) on hubby's side and 7 on my side. This year I decided I wanted something different. I don't want to buy stuff that the kids would pay with for a few weeks and then discard or the adults would never really use because they already have four others similar to it. While doing some blog reading I found this website for a simple gift giving guide. I am in love! This is what I am hoping to do this year. We have a honorary nephew that we buy a special gift for as well as C has a couple teachers and CJ has two teachers as well as three young adults that watch her while I teach faith formation and big sister is attending class. Every year I set a budget and my goal is to stay at or below that. Each person that we buy for has a set amount and my mission is to find exactly what I am thinking for that person and have it not be more than our budgeted amount.

Yes, I am one of those people that start planning gifts for people in January. I am always on the look out for the "perfect" gift that I know the person will enjoy. I do this for a couple of reasons. If it is handmade, I know more than likely I won't find it again so I buy it and then store it in my Christmas present tote and then update the spreadsheet to remind myself that I already got that person done. I also look early so I can write it down and then watch for it to either go on sale. We have streamlined our gift giving and reading Kara's guide has reminded me that it is okay.

My niece is all taken care of for Christmas this year, as is our honorary nephew. I know what I want to give our nephew, but it doesn't sound like it will work. Again, I am going for things that the person may need or really would like, but not something that will get passed off as quickly as they received it as that is just wasted money for me and time for them.

Now, I am off to get some more shopping taken care of so that I can sit back and really enjoy December :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A few of my favorite blogs to follow.

Awhile ago I started following a blog by chance of a lady that had me laughing and appreciating life. She is a mother of two and has struggled with weight like so many of us. Though she had a different approach to it. She took up running though she hated it in the beginning as she knew that was all she could afford. Since I started following her she has run multiple races, including a half-marathon and is training for her very first marathon that she will be running soon. Need some good laughs, check out Mama's blog here.

Anyways, she is friends with this amazing lady that has helped me realize that it is okay to show your faith on your sleeve to anyone. Sure, they may not believe or like it, but it is what you believe. Her little boy was born healthy, or so they thought. He has a rare disorder that is slowly taking his life. Regardless, of this horrible situation in her life, she is holding steadfast to her faith. Such an inspiration. Want to read along? Check out Sam's blog here.

I know I have made mention of this blog before, but I just love this lady even though I have never met her. She has two beautiful daughters as well and just watching through her blog as they grow up is awesome. She has a strong faith behind her that, like Sam, reminds me it is okay to be strong with who I am. Hop over to Kelly's blog and see what I am talking about.

If you are looking for a super funny blog, I got it. This lady is SO funny. She doesn't mince words and even better they make you laugh. Another awesome lady that has a weight battle, yet has run back to back half marathons. You rock Holly! Check her out here.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Seven for the 7th day of October...

Top Seven for the 7th day of October...

Things have been crazy busy around here lately and in reality it won't slow down until after this weekend, but I need a mental break right now from planning this Wednesday's faith formation lesson.

1. C had her last fall soccer game this past Saturday. She did amazing as did her team. They tied the first game 0-0; won the second 4-1 and won the last 1-0. Girls did awesome and I am looking forward to their Spring games.

2. CJ has her last fall soccer game this coming Saturday. She loves soccer and I look forward to seeing if she continues or forges her own path in something different.

3. Hubby worked an overnight. Pretty sure it was his first overnight in like 3 years. Poor guy was tired yesterday, and I am exhausted. I never sleep when he isn't home.

4. Parent-Teacher conference this Thurs/Fri. Hubby is going to CJ and I am going to the other one. Looking forward to hearing how they are both doing.

5. I dislike our internet/phone/cable carrier beyond words. We have not had reliable service in over a year and have been tracking every single time (while we are home/awake) that our internet drops. Problem is, when internet drops so does our phone. Ugh. Most frustrating part, being on a phone call and having the call drop because your service was dropped. Didn't realize that should happen with a landline. Would love input thoughts on how to deal with this. We have had multiple service techs out here doing multiple things to try and fix it and nothing. I have spoken with customer service and they gave us a whopping $26 refund for over a month of no service. I have sent a letter via their website to the VP of service and have heard NOTHING. They aren't going to like me tomorrow, but I need more advice.

6. I have my picture taken for work tomorrow. I dislike having my picture taken, especially because it is a school picture. Remember those? Having your picture taken at school and some years they looked really bad?! Yup, mine is tomorrow morning. Should be interesting. Guess I should find an outfit to wear so I look nice :)

7. Tried to upload and order pictures through the online site I have been using and am having a horrible time with it. Normally it is awesome but tonight for some reason it isn't. I am actually going to blame the issue on #5 listed above as I can't imagine this online site would have glitches this bad. I just want to order pictures (a lot of them to be exact).

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Ups and Downs of a crazy week

So, I will never say one of my "best" traits is humor. I am not one to make people laugh by something funny I say, at least that is intentional. Now my hubby. Well that is one of the things that I fell in love with. He has a way to make anyone feel comfortable with his humor. And to get him and his Uncle J together, you might as well have some tissues close by because you will need them to wipe the tears from laughing so hard.

I follow lots of different blogs. Some are more about fitness/weight loss, there are a few that I know the people personally and love following how things are going and then there are some that I follow because one of the blogs I have read for a while directed me to them. I have education blogs to read and of course news. It is the ones where I am directed to, I find make me laugh. Grateful for these blogs on days when I am struggling with something or someone.

We have been busy lately and you know I wasn't sure if I was okay with how crazy is has been, but to be honest I really like it. It gives me time with the girls that I wouldn't normally take. Times with CJ while C is at soccer practice and learning who this girl has continue to be. I drive C to school every morning which allows me time to talk with her and learn more about who she is. I know some think our schedule doesn't allow for family time, but I don't agree with that. We have our own special family time while the kids are doing their activities. Soccer games give us time to cheer the other on and show support of each other. We are starting our church teachings tomorrow, which I am a teacher and C will be in class and CJ will get to play and have some fun with some of the youth group helpers. C is almost done with her fall soccer season, CJ will have one week longer than C with her soccer and C starts school choir next week. Yes, we are busy, but I actually am enjoying it.

As our super busy week last week, I am starting to feel that very first cold of the season. I hope it isn't much of anything, but the scratchy throat and headache have started. So, off to take some of the good stuff, aka Nyq.uil, and get some sleep.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

So I am linking up with Holly from Where We Can All Live Like Jack & Sally. It sounded like fun to Finish the Sentence though I am nowhere near as witty as she is.

My happy place... is a beach with a glass of wine.
Whatever happened to... Full House, I loved that show.
So what if I.... hate the thought of a porta potty. EWE!!!
E! needs a reality show about... Celebrities that have crashed and burned
My go-to fast food meal is... I don't eat much fast food, but, I love the Arby's Grand Turkey Club. Yummo!
You might not know that I... use to sing soprano in High School
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Peyton Manning of course.
If I could.... I would go to Crossfit to get my butt in shape, serious shape.
My personality is awesome because... I am who I am :)
Twerking is.... just ugh...
I think it's super gross when... someone chews with their mouth open. I hate "see food!"
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... to just get help.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Girls Recap

As school is coming up quickly here is an update on the girls.

C is going to be in 3rd Grade. She is super excited to start school. C is my mover and groover (always has been). Made the traveling team for soccer which started this week with a few short practices. Hopefully we will have the schedule soon for games so those can get on the calendar. C has decided to continue with Gir.l S.cout.s as well. So that will start once school does. Thankfully we have talked her to about other activities and sports and she understands that the commitment involved with traveling soccer just doesn't leave much room for anything else. Not sure how I have an almost 9 year old, but coming I do. At this time she dreams of being a teacher. Thing is, seems to be perfect for her and her super big heart.

CJ will be in Pre-K this year. Almost in the same school as big sister. My little spitfire that is for sure! Keeps me on my toes, but not because of sports, though that is starting for her as well. CJ will be playing soccer again this fall. She enjoyed it this Spring/Summer so she is going to try it again. We will see if she has the drive her sister does or if she will forge her own path into something else. CJ is our shy one, so school is exciting but she is concerned on who her teacher is and if she will make friends. Thing is, I have been told in the past she makes friends so easily in class. Hopefully that continues. CJ is hoping to be a doctor when she grows up. We will see if that comes true or not. I could see her being a large animal vet (she freaks around bugs, spiders and snakes) or a pedestrian as she loves babies.