Soccer is life

To our older two girls, Soccer is Life is a true statement. They both started playing at the age of 4 and continue to play to this day. Courtney took a break when we moved for one season, but then was excited to get back into it and found her love for playing defense. Chloe is all about center midfield, which she was not okay with when the coach moved her from forward/striker two years ago. The girl can play both sides of the ball well and she looks up to Carli Lloyd and all that she does in the position. Chloe is finding out what it means to be a multi-sport athlete again and I know she loves volleyball and hopes to make the basketball team in a few weeks for the school, soccer still ranks #1 for her.

As a parent, there seems to be a fine line for some on sports and being too busy. I won't even start to go into a typical week for us as it would give some a headache just looking at it, but you know what, we want the best for our girls and if it means soccer for two girls, early mo…

Starting from Scratch

It has been a long time, but one that seems to be coming full circle. I am hoping to bring this blog back as sometimes I forget that I have a place where I can write things down on my mind. They might not help anyone else but me, but there is so much happening in the world I wonder if anyone else is feeling/thinking the same way.

So, starting over on the blog and moving forward when I have time, hopefully at least once a week, and I will include updates on the girls as I know that family is always wondering about them.