December Daily

This is not an advertisement and I am not affiliated with Ali Edwards or her products. This is just a discussion about what I do to remember the month of December each year and share.

A few years ago, a friend of mine shared this concept of December Daily and recording stories/memories/pictures from each day in December to remember more than Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I jumped onboard with her as we both documented from December 1 until December 25 (though I actually document through December 31 since it is December Daily).

That first year I struggled with getting something for each day as I had a 4 month old, we had moved recently to Texas, and I felt like I didn't do anything, but I still took a picture each day as I at least got the weather and temperature.

As the second year was approaching I took a little different approach to it and moved December 1 to be the day we put the tree up, even if it actually happens the day after Thanksgiving. I placed pictures where they se…


It has been a fun, but crazy weekend. Girls both had soccer games (Courtney with two) on top of an end of season party for Chloe (that she wasn't able to attend due to refereeing Courtney's second game) and then Chloe's birthday party and a day trip to San Antonio.

Chloe's birthday was just a couple close friends this year and I think the girls all had a blast. It sounded like they did at least. I don't have many pictures, but here are a few from this weekend.


My first baby is 13 today. I still can't believe it. She has a heart of gold and is loyal and kind to those that deserve it (and some that don't). Here is a look at her over the 13 years.


Volleyball Tribute

So proud of our #4. She tried out for a sport she hadn't played before and loved it. I think she really enjoyed having something new to try and have to learn to get better with practice. The girls eats, sleeps and breathes soccer, but sometimes you need to shake things up a little. She played really well and did her best. She said she wants to attend the camp that Klein offers in the summer to help her improve even more. The scores are from their final game against Ulrich. It was also Parents night so we got a card that Chloe made and a beautiful rose. The final picture is both A and B team along with their team managers. 

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

The new addition to the store

They don't have a website and don't take any form of credit card. 

Our haul the day we went

In Minnesota they have this place called Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. It is in a small town outside of Minneapolis on the far Southwest side. They seriously have every type of candy out there and then some. You walk in and can easily be overwhelmed by every option, or you walk in and just start grabbing. 
In the new addition, there was candy from other countries. I know I saw a ton of candy from Japan and China there.
My favorite part is that they carry boxes or containers of each flavor of certain candies, as well as the variety packs that are sold in stores. So for our family Laffy Taffy in strawberry flavor is the favorite, which means we can buy as many of that flavor as we want and not have to weed out the others and fight over the three that come in the variety pack. They also have my absolute favorite candy ever, Twin Bing. They are just amazin…

When is enough, too much?

Ever sat back and had a week, month, year of trying to say Yes to things because you are trying to be more positive? No? Well guess that is just me. When we moved to Texas, I felt that staying home meant that I would have all this extra time. I am laughing at that thought now. I definitely don't have more time. Honestly, I feel like I have less time.

I hate telling the girls no to things. Some things there is just no way around it, but when they ask me to take something on for them I usually say yes. Team Mom for soccer, sure. Oh wait, my team needs a team mom, sure. Teacher needs help, why not. Moms Club needs a Treasurer, of course (that was a one year stint though thank you). Moms Club wants to send cards out for events, no problem. Need to be brought to school each morning for school sports, you got it. Hey let's walk two days a week because that gives us a chance to chat and get in exercise, Definitely. Bible Study, a must. See the pattern?!

In the past two weeks things a…


Just wanted to share a little courage for those that may need it. Find your joy somewhere today.